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Individual Sessions

Everyone has something he or she has always wanted to do and somehow never have started or completed it. Ameena helps you do what you want in a way that fits for you. Adults and teens have personal one to one time with Ameena in a comfortable private setting. Ameena serves as a sounding board, supportive expert advisor, and idea facilitator in a collaborative relationship with you. Together you address your range of professional and personal issues so that you can design and live the uniquely satisfying life you have always wanted.

How people are designing their lives:

  • Suze L. is finding quality time for herself every day now.
  • Marilyn S. is feeling less stress and pressure.
  • Kelly F. is learning to re-launch after her divorce.
  • Dan V. is celebrating his engagement.
  • Linda C. is asking for help and not doing everything alone.
  • Bill R. is feeling more respected.
  • Kevin and Rita are having more fun and laughter together.
  • Steven is getting better grades and having more free time.
  • Barb P. says, “I have been to all kinds of counseling and had people tell me what to do and when to do it. Until Ameena, no one has ever taught me how.”

Counseling with Couples:

Couples join with each other to create a lasting relationship in all areas of their life. They learn to communicate and live together in a deeper, more intimate way that makes space for them as individuals and part of an honest, loving partnership. You can have the kind of relationship you have always wanted.

  • Carol and Kenneth wrote, “We check in with each other rather than assume the other meant to hurt our feelings. We talk about things sooner now.”
  • Sam and Bryan said, “We talk things out now instead of pulling away and refusing to communicate. It feels good to have more fun rather than being upset.”
  • Libby and Manuel say, “I never knew we could be so happy after sixteen years. We cuddle like we did when we first met—except it is even better.”

Counseling with Retired Couples:

Retirement counseling is for couples as they transition into their new life together. Counseling helps couples enrich time together, increase fun and pleasure, ease pressures, have honest, smoother communications, effective, easy problem solving, and support their core value of being a couple.

Ameena and JoeDean Williams, PHD join in this unique counseling time with couples as they design and create new ways of preserving their individual selves and forming a solid, supportive, and deeply caring relationship with each other.

Here is what couples say:

  • Bob and Sylvia report, “We are finally enjoying our retirement. We appreciate our time together more and feel more like partners.”
  • David and Mimi say,”We thought a retirement plan meant having financial security. Now we know the plan is about us as a couple.”
  • Tim and Alison said, “We were worried that we could not survive retirement and then we learned how to make decisions together and to appreciate each other.”

After School Programs

Ameena offers schools Living Step By Step groups for children and teens. The groups are small so that teens have an opportunity to discuss their issues with Ameena and other group members. Typical topics include communication with peers, shyness, issues about leaving for college, family conflict resolutions, conscious decision making, and day-to-day problem solving in their lives.

How Teens Have Added To Their Lives:

  • Aimee said, “My mom and I aren’t fighting now. We actually talk about things now and she listens while I say things.”
  • Joshua reported, “I don’t feel so dumb and shy all the time now. I learned how to talk to people better.”
  • Maria says, “I have a plan to do my homework so it gets done and I have more time for me.”
  • Danny said, “I liked talking with other kids and getting ideas from Ameena.”
  • Sasha reported, “The group helped me have more confidence in myself so I could try new things.”

Guest Speaking, In-Service Presentations, and Workshops:

Ameena is available to speak about the Art and Science of Living to your group. She will center her speaking and program to serve your company or organization’s needs and focus. She has a natural grace and humor in presenting new information about change, communication, and brain connections. Her unique approach to strategies, tools, and applications of adding more of what you want to your personal and professional life makes sense, feels easy, and really works in daily living. Invite Ameena and have fun while you learn useful ways to strengthen your core quality of living.

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