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Living Step By Step is the art and science of managing all your personal and professional projects in a way that makes sense, and helps you feel comfortable enough to have more time and energy for what you want in your life.

The art of living means you have creative, flexible, and effective tools and strategies that fit for you and what you want. You are the architect and designer of your life. You can feel free enough to take care of yourself.

The science of living means you have current information, research, and applications of psychology, brain plasticity, and multi-models of human change and development. You have evidence that the choices and step-by-step approach you use will work in your life.

Living Step By Step synthesizes the art and science of living in a completely new way, to use simple tools and effective strategies for a fulfilling personal and professional life—an easier way to the quality of life you want. Living Step By Step takes you to that quality one step at a time. In addition, you have fun along the way.

Ameena Gier developed Living Step By Step so that you can have a knowledgeable private consultant and a solid advocate for your personal and professional life interests and concerns. You and Ameena collaborate to find the solutions for your stress, and avenues that fit for you and your life as it is right now. You are not alone. You have a partner.

Rather than just hearing general information, you have someone who understands your basic patterns of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions and who will teach you custom-tailored strategies designed to support your uniqueness and the unique life you want.

Each day you begin where you are, using what you have, and getting more of what you want. Living Step By Step does not focus on mantras, positive thinking, affirmations, self-discipline, or meditation. You can stop trying so hard and simply be yourself.

Taking care of yourself is a good investment.

Living Step By Step teaches you how to recognize and to use everything that already exists in you, from intensely apparent intentions to the nearly invisible whisper of a long-time dream. At last, in the middle of all that happens in your life, you have a place and the space to pay attention to just you. You have supportive advice, a sounding board, and someone who listens deeply to who you are and what you want.

" Ameena is a compassionate genius in teaching you the secret 'how to' that you have always wanted to know."

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