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1) What is Living Step by Step™?

Living Step By Step is a unique and extremely effective process which teaches "The Art and Science of Living the life you want."

2) How does it work?

Ameena shows you the “how to”, using simple tools, strategies, and information that fit you and your life. She listens carefully to you and advises you in a way that fits your personality and preferences. You learn to create long-lasting patterns of thinking, behavior, and emotional responses that optimize the outcomes of your decisions and actions. You and Ameena are partners in achieving these goals

3) What does "standing in the center" mean?

"Standing in your center" is unselfishly focusing on yourself, your wants, your needs, and your feelings from day to day in your personal and professional life, in relationship to yourself and others.

4) Whom will Living Step By Step help?

Anyone who wants a truly fresh and effective approach to daily pressures, choices, and decisions can benefit from Living Step By Step. Whether you want to make home-improvement, self-improvement, or life-improvement, Ameena will show you how to create the life of your design.

5) Is Living Step By Step™ the same as "life coaching?"

Living Step by Step differs greatly from life coaching. Rather than focusing on motivations, goals, and affirmations (which can limit and interfere with flexibility), the focus is on you, and what you need to get more of what you want in your life.  In each session, you learn both practical solutions to current issues facing you, and lasting strategies that will work for you in the future. The issues addressed may be the same, or may vary according to what you bring to each session.

6) Is Living Step By Step™ the same as "life skills?"

Life Skills usually refers to a specific list of social, emotional, educational and lifestyle skill-building assessments and training. Living Step By Step is instead a life manual based on principles and processes- a collaborative endeavor to help you learn how to trust your own strength, believe in yourself, and use what you already have to your best advantage.

7) How does this process differ from other self-help classes, programs, etc.?

Living Step By Step is very different from other "self-help" programs because it does not rely on any "one-size-fits-all" approach. You learn both information and HOW to use that information in your personal actions, attitudes, and behavior patterns. You and what you want are always in mind.

8) What is the difference between individual sessions and classes?

One-on-one sessions help you use simple, practical tools to address your specific problems, wants, and dreams in a private, personal setting. Ameena serves as your personal and professional advocate and advisor. Each session focuses on what you need at this time.
Ameena teaches community-education teen and adult classes four times a year, with each class lasting eight weeks and covering the basics of Living Step By Step in a small group (5-10 students) setting. The focus is on general areas of self-care, decision making, and enriching each  student’s life.

9) What else is important about Living Step By Step™?

Using her new paradigm of life design, Ameena has developed a system of Living Step By Step for those people who simply function from day to day and begin to realize that they want something more. They do not feel the need for formal therapy, but simply want to find ways to have more balance and quality in their lives. 

Ameena encourages everyone to stop focusing on changing himself or herself,  to give themselves permission to be who they already are, and to make room for what they want to add to their life. Living Step By Step is a collaborative approach, which focuses on each client’s values, with a high rate of return for their time and energy in improved well-being and happiness.

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