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As the founder of Living Step By Step, Ameena K. Gier has the mission to help as many people as possible live the personal and professional life they have always wanted.

Ameena has dedicated 30 years of her professional life to core quality human service—to helping people and organizations go beyond the status quo and day-to-day survival. She has served as Director and CEO, program developer, as well as providing direct services in both for- and not-for-profit businesses. Her extensive experience includes clinical mental health and social programs for teens and adults, ranging from designing and directing pilot clinical programs to writing grants, developing residential treatment programs for court-dependent youth and a private residence for schizophrenic young adults.

Ameena brings twenty years of private practice experience with adults and adolescents. She has served as an advisor to institutions, small businesses, and non-profits. Further, she has chaired executive state and local committees for mental health issues, homeless youth, foster family care, employee relations, weight control programs, employee relations, and education for families of schizophrenic teens. As a consultant, Ameena has worked with both small businesses and research groups.

Ameena earned her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University where she completed special studies in men-women communication, men’s counseling, and cross-cultural relationships.

Continuous study and research in support of her mission occupies a pivotal and essential part of Ameena’s life and profession.

Noted individuals such as

  • Richard Bandler
  • John Bradshaw
  • Carl Rogers
  • Steven Covey
  • Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  • Thich Nhat Hanh

exemplify the quality of teachers and practitioners with whom she studied.

Her post-graduate studies include the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Evolutionary Psychology, Gender Issues, The Transtheoretical Model of Change (TTM), and Total Quality Life Design. The combination and synthesis of all her education, training, experiences, and studies qualify her to work well with diverse persons and settings in constant pursuit of her core mission.

Ameena’s travels abroad and domestically have been an ongoing resource for learning about cultural and social relationships in both village and urban settings. During her visits, she consulted with the leaders of programs for women and children, AIDS, and elder care. These consultations and experiences have made important contributions to her professional expertise. Currently, Ameena is focusing her education in the areas of brain plasticity, right- and left-brain skills, and strategies to enable individuals to live with an optimal quality of life. Based on this research and her experience, Ameena has developed a new paradigm for human psychology and development founded on the concept of self-directed neuroplasticity.

Ameena says, “Living Step By Step is a system of tools, strategies, and applications which are a synthesis of my experience, the most current scientific evidence, and best practices for consulting with people who want more quality in every area of their life. This is my most important work.

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