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I’m so excited about the addition of a unique decision-making system. All of my clients are reporting this is the easiest and most successful approach to the decisions they have ever used. People in the workshops are amazed how three questions are all you need to resolve problems, increase options, and choose an action you will actually follow through to completion.Now, I am guessing you stopped by here because you want at least some part of your life to be better.The problem is you already have enough decisions to make. You are probably stopping here because you have too many decisions,too many items on your to-do list, and too many people depending on you for too much. And, at the end of the day, you are smothered with more than you can manage so the wants fade as you try to get some sleep for the next day. So expecting you to sort through dozens of websites telling you they are the best to help you solve problems, choose solutions, and follow through to live a happier, healthier, and more balanced life is utter complete overload.So, I am not going to try to convince you of anything. In fact, I am offering you a no pressure, free video and download to let you get a glimpse, a feel for what makes Living Step by Step and Strategic Decision-Making different from everyone else. The focus is always on you standing boldly in your circle of influence, writing a story you want to tell, and living a life you love so deeply that you want to share!

About Ameena

After spending thirty years developing clinical mental health and social programs, directing
non-profit projects, and practicing psychotherapy, Ameena retired to begin what she calls “the most important work of my life.” She synthesized her unique social and scientific background of counseling, psychology, and client-centered approach to the creation of Living Step By Step with its remarkable set of self-empowering tools and strategies. Ameena’s mission is to teach people how to use life tools and strategies in a way that truly fits their personal and professional needs.

Ameena graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University. She has studied with Richard Bandler, John Bradshaw, Carl Rogers, Steven Covey, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Thich Nhat Hanh. Her travels have added to her research and experience of human beings, how they live and relate to each other. Ameena is currently studying the field of brain plasticity and how we can use left and right brain skills to serve us in living longer and having more quality in our lives. She designed Living Step By Step to apply and practice the most current evidence about brain function as it relates to change and development in all areas of day to day life. Ameena studies and develops the science so that you can focus on the art of living your life without sacrificing yourself or your dreams.


Just me, my guitar, and my songs! I never thought that was enough. Helping me change my beliefs and be bolder has given me back my music. I realize that is all my audience wants. Thank you!


Thank you really listening to me. You helped me make some difficult decisions and have the courage to follow through. Moving closer to my son has changed my life. Here he is with a very happy dad


If you want to recreate your life and make the most of it, Ameena is the one! Ameena, thank you! You always help me find my greatness.


Ameena has helped me in every area of my life: We’ve successfully launched my son, come through my divorce, found a better way to use online dating, and how to choose a wonderful man who is now my best friend and husband. I couldn’t have done all of this and be so happy without her!



What makes Living Step By Step decision-making system different from other people and programs?

“The primary difference you will notice about Living Step By Step is that every step is focused on real results–outcomes that give you the solid, lasting changes you want in your private, personal, and professional life. Hannah said, “Lots of people tell you all kinds of information and give lots of advice about decisions. Ameena is the only one who showed me how to make decisions in a way that really works.”

Does Living Step By Step mean I have to go slow and wait for my results?

“Living Step By Step means you always set yourself up for successful outcomes. You have a map of steps for clarifying your wants, finding solutions, and following through on actions. This helps you focus on your outcomes, measure your progress, and adjust your plan as you go. You actually have faster results because you get more of what you want at each step. You don’t have to spend time and energy because of distractions and actions that cause you more problems to solve. Rosa said, “I was really surprised at how fast things started to change and how much that helped me want to keep going to the next step.”

How does this decision-making system work?

Every person and their situation specifics are unique. And, there are five main steps to help every follows to clarify, choose, and act in their decision-making process: 1. Get really clear on the outcome—what you want from this decision 2. Find the deep meaning of this decision—how the decision benefits your life 3. Select the first action you are ready and willing to take immediately 4. Review the results and adjust if needed 5. Add the next step Zelma said, “I liked that Ameena did not start out with a pro-con chart. She asked me what I wanted.”

Will you just you tell me what to do?

“As your decision-making specialist, part of my job is to teach, inspire, and support you. Rather than me (or anyone else tell you what to do), you learn a new and better way of making your own decisions. During your decision making and follow through, my place is to help you step away from mistakes, stay focused, and adjust your actions in service to your outcome. We will take what works, add what you need, and get more of what you want. The bonus is you will know how to make decisions in every area of your life. Tony said, “I like that Ameena offers suggestions and information rather than telling me what I should do.”

Do I really need someone else to help me make decisions?

“You don’t need to hire me to help you make decisions. You make decisions all the time. The problem is that some people leave their life and decisions to luck and random success. You the person who has a choice to learn easy, proven ways of making decisions so that you become an expert. This means you can always set yourself up for success you want. Tron said, “Getting clear on my decision is so much easier and faster now that I have Ameena’s system. I’m not afraid of making mistakes like I did in the past.

How do I know it is time to get help with my decision?

The best and easiest way to decide when to ask and accept help is in answering these three questions:
1.Is there something specific in my life that I want to change—to be different?
2.Is not making this decision causing you to feel stuck, a sense of dread, and pressure?
3.Are you ready to take action now toward what you want?

Often we have two lives: The one we are living and the one we want to live. Taking action is how you bring the two lives into one. Greg said, “ Having Ameena help me and Lily follow through on our decision to buy this wonderful house has saved us so many late night discussions. Thank you.”

Breathing & your brain.

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