Your decisions matter. The decisions you make determine the life you live.

The SECRET is knowing how to make those decisions so that you get more of what you want without creating more problems. Not leave decisions to random luck. Able to trust yourself.

The SECRET is in 5 Essential Steps. No more procrastination. Make decisions that always move you forward.  Help you step into your greatness and be your best. 

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When you are really clear about your what you want, you know which problem to solve and the resolution you need to get your outcome. You have a direction to go, a focus to keep, and a measure for your success.


When you are clear about the ways your decision could change your life, you can check if your possible choices will help you move forward to be and do your best.  Will you get more of what you want and need for your life?


Now that you know the outcome you want and the purpose, you can choose the actions that help you move in that direction. You can take small steps and check that they are serving your purpose and the outcome you want.



We spend a lot of time sorting through problems, trying to find the right solutions, and make the best decision.

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to make their decisions so smoothly? For them decisions turn into opportunities and their life keeps getting better. They keep moving forward toward their vision. They know the secret.

The great news is now you can learn how to use your decision making for an easier way of life. You can use one dependable system to choose and follow through on your decisions. You will know how to clarify, focus, and confidently take consistent action with each decision.

Decisions are not a list of to do items. Your decisions matter in every area of your daily life. In your relationships, business, health, wealth, spirit, time and energy. Each decision can keep moving you toward the very best YOU.


Decisions Made Easier

You already have your way of making decisions. And, you can find massive amounts of charts, advice, and programs about decision making.

Living Step By Step gives you only the best of that information plus 35 years of decision-making tools, skills, and strategies in one easy, simple, proven system.

Using these 5 Essential Steps, you can turn decisions into more of what you want--in every area of your life. You get to show up in your life and be your best, 

Plus, the added bonus just for you is less stress and more self-care built into every decision you make. Things feel more simple. Your decisions matter.

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