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Confusion to Clarity

Getting clear about what you want,  who you are, who you are becoming, and how you want to be in each of your relationships . You know which  problem to solve first and the exact resolution you need for the outcome of your decision. You feel more certainty and confidence because you always know the first step to take, how to stay focused, and follow through. Your uniqueness matters and you make a difference in your world.

Stress to Balance

Being a person who knows an easier way to lower pressure and relax, you can focus and be strategic, compassionate, and inclusive in every decision you make. You have a willingness to solve problems as a team and you make choices that help you and others always move forward to everyone's highest best! You master the art of delegating and everyone shares in the benefits of you growing and becoming more YOU!

Doubt to Certainty

When you become the person who practices the three essential stages of decision making and knows how use them in service to yourself and others, you feel more competent in all areas of your life and in every situation. You feel connected with others and give yourself  more freedom to be kind and generous. You appreciate your unique contribution. Life becomes more friendly at home, at work and in between!


What if you knew

the Living Step By Step path to make your life more simple and even the most difficult day you could:

  • solve complicated problems
  • choose the most helpful solution
  • always know the first step to take 
  • build in self care to ease stress
  • create more time and energy

All without giving in, giving up. and sacrificing who you are. Feeling free to always be your best self with others.

You can learn how to make decisions that give yourself permission to be, trust, and appreciate yourself. Then watch notice the long wanted differences in every area of your daily life--your relationships, health, business, communication, finance, and well-being.. Your total life gets better!

An Easier Way

You already have your way of making decisions. The problem is without a map making decisions can drain your energy, time, emotions, strain your relationships, and feel staggeringly overwhelming. You may even create bigger problems for yourself. 

The good news is you do not need to learn massive amounts of listen to advice, opinions, and feel pressured. You only need a faster, easier, reliable system that is always always works for you--that integrates your self care with every step--less stress and a lot more progress!

All of my clients have used one Secret to make decisions and do amazing things in their lives--that they thought were impossible. I don't want you to miss out knowing the Secret. I believe you deserve amazing, impossible things in your life, too.

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My name is Ameena and I am founder of Living Step By Step.  For over 35  years I have helped busy people reduce  their stress, build loving relationships, learn successful communication skills, solve problems and follow through on decisions that move them forward--at home, at work, and every area in between.

Adults and teen students learn and practice the tools they need and want to grow into their best self. Business clients create a human-valued culture with dedicated employee engagement and productivity. Clients relax more, sleep better, and have a lot more energy. Living Step By Step is their foundation for understanding of their emotions, improving life balance, and making decisions with more confidence. Each person benefits in being their best self, parent, partner, leader, mentor, and team contributor.

Imagine learning the same tools, skills, and strategies to be your best, get more of what you want, AND ease the stress of day to day life! You make decisions with confidence and clarity because you know what you want and how to get the outcomes, impact, and life you have always hoped to live.

As one client said, "I felt better the very first time we met. I keep coming back because I want more!"

Living  Step By Step®   SERVICES :

Personal and professional growth and development with an emphasis on less stress and more self-care. 

  • Individuals
  • Couples Relationships
  • Parenting Sessions for Dads
  • Community Life Skills Classes
  • Team Building 
  • Leadership and Mentoring Class
  • Stress Reduction Workshops
  • Decision Making Consulting
  • Values clarification sessions
  • Family Relations

Coming soon: 

OPA360 which is a decision making tool to make better decisions in life--as always with you in mind! 

 My mission is to serve you so well that you can write a story you want to tell and live a life you love so much that you want to share!  Let's do that together!

Here is my contact Information :   

Phone & Text  831.588.4006

Email me:   [email protected]






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